What are the prospects for the 18-19 Harvest of Cana?

What are the prospects for the 18-19 Harvest of Cana?

As the 2017/18 crop in the Center-South of Brazil is moving towards its end, all eyes are on the milling prospects in 2018/19. However, the scenario is fraught with uncertainties.

Irregular climate, cash difficulties for investments in planting renewal and cultural dealings, volatility in the oil market, which in turn has affected the parity of ethanol, are some of the main variables to be analyzed to compose the initial scenarios of the next season, which begins in April 2018.

Although it is still early to quantify the volume of sugarcane, there is a consensus that the market will cope with even more challenging price conditions in 2018 as the world converges to a surplus in the balance sheet and flow of world sugar trade.

  • Will the dry climate of the last months impact on the supply of sugar cane in the next harvest?
    When will the 2017/18 harvest end and when will it start 2018/19?
    What will be the mix of the 2018/19 crop?
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