Guilherme Nastari

Director, DATAGRO Financial, São Paulo, Brazil.

– Director, DATAGRO, since 2006.
– Board Member, Global Agribusiness Forum, since 2013.
– Director of the Brazilian Sugar and Ethanol Exporters Association (AEXA), since 2009.
– Director of the Brazilian Rural Society (SRB), since 2014.

Since 2005, he has been engaged in several agribusiness and Sugar and Ethanol Market Advisory Projects at DATAGRO. Main customers were sugar, alcohol, biodiesel, biogas, corn, soybean producers, trading companies, banks, fuel distributors, input suppliers, governments and NGOs.

Guilherme Nastari is regular columnist in various technical publications and speaker in conferences in Brazil, USA, UK, India, LATAM, Asia, Africa and other countries (over 25 countries).

– M.Sc. in Agroenergy – Fundação Getúlio Vargas – São Paulo – Brazil
– Bachelor in Economics – IBMEC São Paulo – São Paulo – Brazil

Before joining DATAGRO, Guilherme had Trading desk assignments at Cargill in Geneva and Hong Kong and research assignment at the ISO in London.

– Trainee experience at Cargill Sugar – Geneva, Switzerland – 2004
– Trainee experience at Cargill Sugar – Hong Kong, China – 2006
– Trainee experience at International Sugar Organization (ISO) –London, UK–2006



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