DATAGRO is an independent agricultural consultancy, which produces analyzes and primary data on the main agricultural commodities. With more than 35 years of experience, he analyzes the markets for sugar, ethanol, energy, corn, soybeans, meats, and their relations with the economy as a whole. It concentrates its activities in six offices – Alphaville, São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Santos, Recife and New York (USA). Through innovative and differentiated analysis, it provides tools for a better understanding of the market, adding value to the strategic and commercial positioning of its Customers.

DATAGRO advises the private sector on market issues, and the public sector on initiatives related to energy planning (in ethanol, gasoline and other biofuels), deregulation, integration and trade disputes in the US-ITC and the WTO. In addition, DATAGRO works continuously for the diversification of the agro-energy industry and the development of biofuels in different countries of the world.

DATAGRO‘s customer base consists of agricultural producers, associations, trading companies, banks, fuel distributors, suppliers of inputs, governments, investment funds, logistics companies, the automotive industry and information agencies around the world.

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