Abhishek Nanda

Manager – Trading, Al Khaleej Sugar CO LLC, Dubai, UAE

Abhishek Nanda, Senior Manager Trading at Al Khaleej Sugar Company Dubai since 2007, directs pricing, hedging and trading strategies for physical sugar using futures, options and derivatives. Previously, while at the National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange, Mumbai, he was instrumental in developing the Indian Agriculture Futures Markets by structuring commodity future contracts, launching this on exchange and ensuring liquidity in the trade by training the trading aspects to market participants. Before 2005, Abhishek was at Tata Chemicals and developed the concept of one-stop-shop for farmers including structured funding, technical consultancy and facilitation of marketing farmer produce to procurement intermediaries. He has experience in physical and future trading of diverse commodities including pulses, cereals, perishables and aromatic oils. He has an MBA in Agribusiness from National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE) Hyderabad, India

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